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Today is July 2nd, 2009
From: "Chef" Antonio!

RE: $10k per month income for you
Dear friend,
I have been trying to make money online since 1994, and admittedly I didn't make a dime until 2001.  And even then, I only made $37.59.
Yes, you read that correctly, after 7 years of spinning my wheels, trying everything under the sun and spending over $73,000 on "get rich" programs, I only made a measly $37.95!
But once I figured out the 'recipe' to making money online, I went from making less than $40 in a year, to making over $400,000.00 in a year and I'm going to share with you the 'secret ingredients' so you can do the same thing.
Now before I tell you this secret recipe, I have to tell you how this even came about so you can understand why you need to get this FREE CD RIGHT NOW!
I was at a friend's house and she was in the kitchen cooking something that smelled really good.  So, I made my way into the kitchen to sneak a taste and I saw a piece of paper on the counter.  
It said.....
Well, before I tell you what it said, I have a HUGE confession to make...
I can't cook! 
So anytime I see someone cooking, I get really excited because I know I'm about to eat.  So as you can imagine, my mouth was watering.
Wanna know what the piece of paper said?
The piece of paper on the counter said, "Peach Pie".
So I asked probably the dumbest question I've ever asked in my life.... (but the ANSWER to that question has lead me to making millions!)
I asked her, "So what are you making...?"
She says, "what does it look like I'm making?"
I say, "well the paper here says peach pie."
She says, "Duh..."
So I asked another BRILLIANT question.... I said, "So this a peach pie recipe, yes?
She says, "Duh..."
I was on a roll, so of course another 'genius' question pops out, I asked her, "So if I followed this recipe, I'd have a peach pie?"
She says, "Get outta my kitchen!"
As stupid as that may have sounded... that "recipe incident" is responsible for literally millions of dollars.
Here's why:
As I said before, I can't cook...so the "stupid" idea I had was, "If I followed this RECIPE and did EXACTLY what it told me to do to make a peach pie, I COULD MAKE A PEACH PIE...even though I couldn't cook and didn't know how.
So, this got me thinking, what if I put together a RECIPE for making 10k per month?  So, if someone (like you) followed the RECIPE to making $10k per month, YOU COULD MAKE $10K per MONTH...even though you may not know how yet...
I'm going to let you in on a little secret..."there's virtually no difference between making a peach pie and making $10k per month! 
Let me show you...
All you need are 3 things to make a peach pie:
#1 The right ingredients
#2 The right cooking utensils (tools)
#3 The right instructions
Same goes for making $10k per month...all you need are these 3 things:
#1 The right idea (which I'll help you with)
#2 The right tools (which I'll show you)
#3 The right instructions... (which I'm giving you now)
It's just that easy....
Just follow this simple recipe, and as Emeril would say, "BAM!" you've got a $10k per month income coming in.

Why make it hard on yourself?  All you have to do is follow the recipe for making $10k per month and you'll start making $10k per month.  I don't know about you, but I'm all for doing it the EASY way. 

I tried to reinvent the wheel and trust me - IT DOESN'T WORK! 

If you can boil water, you can do this.  It's just as easy as following a few simple instructions then kicking back and letting the cash flow in.
Like I said, I can't cook, so if it weren't for people who are smarter than me (and better cooks), I'd starve...  They do all the hard work in putting together a delicious recipe, I just follow the simple instructions and I reap the benefits.
You may have seen me on television being interviewed about the time I made $100,000.00 in just one week. 
Now, let me be very clear - I DO NOT make $100,000 every week.  This was a special promotion I ran a couple of years ago.  
But I WILL show you the exact same "recipe" I used to make $100k in a week and all you'll need to do is just do the same thing I did.
Can I guarantee that you'll make $100k in a week??? HECK NO.  But I can guarantee this: 
If you do a certain thing in a certain way, you'll get a certain result.
That's the beauty of recipes...you don't have to try to figure anything out by yourself...you just follow the steps and you'll get your "pie".
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Antonio "The Chef" Thornton

Big "Nothing To Hide" Notice
There are 4 things you need to know:
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#2 - The people who have been gracious enough to share their experiences are real people and are telling the truth about their income to the best of my knowledge.  However, their results are atypical - meaning they are ABOVE average income earners.  There is no way possible for me to guarantee that you'll make the same amount they're making....again I don't know you.  
#3 - I have a SUPERB customer service staff who will bend over backwards to make sure your questions are answered and that you have a 100% pleasant experience with my company - I kick their asses if they don't.

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